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In such eclectic times, it seems impossible to explain an artists' work without decorating a text with multiple references that capture the readers attention and, nearly always, prepare them for what they are about to hear.

You don't need any of that, and it simply doesn't happen, with Núria Graham.

Not even in the most predictive of scenarios could that audience, struck by her first public performance at the Jazz Cava in Vic last February 2013, imagine the artistic progression Graham would experience these last two years.

Ok, so we can't mention references, but those music lovers with a high understanding of the last 40 years of pop music, will dig into their musical memory and easily identify similar evolutionary careers, careers that have become a huge success and, sometimes, turned into a referent for modern music.

Fortunately, everything about Núria Graham's first official album goes without saying. The artists' music speaks for itself, and you don't have to be too clever to see, with just one play of her songs, that you are before something unusual, something grand.

With no time straight jackets, Núria's solid and classic pop moves through a string of impeccable and modern songs, as evocative as the landscapes you would love to contemplate, over and over again.


Graham is what all artists aspire to be.  Unmistakable and genuine.

'First Tracks', the magnificent demo, with which Núria Graham debuted last year, falls so far behind that we can’t help but ask what her next step might be. Until that happens we'll enjoy, here and now, the great talent behind 'Bird Eyes'. Glorious Pop.


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